Bran Castle, Alias Dracula’s Castle

Bran Castle or Dracula’s Castle, as we known it, is closely connected with the image of a famous Romanian leader, Vlad Tepes, who was, in fact, captured and imprisoned in 1426 in the dungeons of the castle by his friend Matthias Corvin.

At that time the castle had a major importance in defense strategy on Rucar Brasov-Bran, and an important economic, historical and military role.
Castle appears suddenly in its medieval beauty, more threatengly than any imitation you find at the bazaar near the castle. Almost you fell shivers since you go upstairs! It’s a warning for those who have no physical condition because of the castle position.
The price of visiting Dracula’s Castle is very cheap, around 5 euro / person and it also included, if you like, a visit to the museum village of Bran, which is near castle. The museum help you get the atmosphere and see the ‘lifestyle’ of those times.

Dracula Castle. What’s about it?

Castle Dracula is placed on less than 30 km from Brasov. It was built on a stone by the Teutonic Knights between 1211-1227, first in a simple form of wood. Later, in 1377, because the Brasov people wanted a control ​​access from Wallachia and a strategic position on the road to Barsa, it was built a stone castle into the present form.

They made this citadel onto a massive stone on the highest rocks from the area for better monitoring the surroundings, giving you the impression of a building carved in stone. It has solid walls, massive towers located in the four cardinal points, looking as pillbox not a castle.
The rooms are apparently chaotically distributed in the castle, the corridors are rather mazes, and inside of the courtyard is a fountain. It seems that, apart from its utility, had intended to be an underground hiding for castle.
Along the city was installed a checkpoint for charge the transit goods on the trade route between Transylvania and Tara Romaneasca.

In 1918 the people of Brasov gave the castle to the royal family as gift for their contribution to the Great Union of December 1st, 1918. At that time, the castle passed through many centuries of invasions and destructions. Fortunately, due to restorations made ​​by Queen Mary, Dracula’s Castle/ Bran Castle regains the medieval look, becoming the one of her favorite places.
In recent years, also, the castle was renovated and restored to its original beauty, being used even furniture that Queen Mary brought into the castle.
Inside the castle it founds now a rustic furniture collection, pottery, weapons and armor.

A visit of the castle could take between 1-3 hours.

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