Germany’s Bundesliga first major football league in Europe

Germany’s Bundesliga Not Afraid .

The German Bundesliga will be the first major football league in Europe to resume after a two-month hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, despite the fact that most people were against it.

The Bundesliga will restart in a new way there will be no children to accompany the players on the field, no contact between rivals in the tunnel before games, and no handshake with the referee or match officials .

The German Bundesliga is making headlines this weekend as it becomes the first major European football league to return to the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
Allemage affected 174098 confirmed cases of Covid-19 with 7861 deaths, according to the latest figures, but the German Football Federation (DFB) has worked closely with league organizers (DFL) and hopes that strict safety protocols will protect people involved in matches.
If the measures work, this could provide a model for other sports to resume. If not, questions will be asked as to why football came back so early.

Les matchs se joueront dans des stades vides sans supporters mais y aura 300 membres du personnel essentiel et officiels présents. Les responsables ont formé leurs joueurs de ne pas cracher ni célébrer en groupe ou un contact avec les coquépiers.

Les dirigeants du club, les pompiers et les forces de police, le personnel de sécurité du stade et les journalistes devraient se trouver dans les tribunes pendant les matchs.

Dans le cadre des mesures de coronavirus visant à maintenir la distance physique, les équipes ne seront pas autorisées à se faire prendre en photo avant le coup d’envoi.

The matches are more even

It may not be the most endearing way of framing it but there is no escaping that its European counterparts are viewing the Bundesliga as their guinea pig, learning from their best practice and, perhaps, any mistakes. After a few years of spreading its wings, creating an international arm to the business and beginning to chase down the Premier League’s domination of global popularity, the Bundesliga now has at least a few weeks of a clear run at a hungry worldwide football audience. It will be under the microscope from every imaginable angle.

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