Summer in Germany

Four weeks the Sun has been beating down on Germany pushing the mercury up into the 30s sometimes close to 40 degrees Celsius the nationwide heat wave has left its mark rivers have dried up swaths of land are bone dry in many places crops have all but been destroyed the Cobbs should be at least 15 centimeters long by now Tandy made a mystery – home – I’m a farmer I’ve never seen drop like this Niska zine the heat and dryness are destroying habitats and threatening entire forests.

They have to start taking extreme weather seriously to expect it and to expect it to happen with increasing frequency in the future combat this is the German Baltic Sea resort of Tim and oarfish hunt on the hottest day of the year so far what better place to spend it than the beach unbroken sunshine no rain for weeks this summer could be the summer of the century city dwellers have had plenty of opportunities to head to public parks with the barbecue temperature’s rising by three or four degrees an hour 25 to 30 degrees Celsius I cicadas gobble tropical conditions overnight enough to his dives of 31 to 38 degrees cotton there’s no doubt that it’s been an extraordinary summer so far weather forecaster Donald Becker of Germany’s public broadcaster has been analyzing the unusual weather patterns that he says have caused the extreme summer usually these low-pressure areas should quickly pass over us on the way to Russia causing very changeable conditions like we usually have in the summer it gets quite cool followed by a short heatwave lasting only a day or two man done comes the next low-pressure area that cools everything down again we haven’t had that yet this year a look at this weather map tells us what that means the redder the drier in some areas especially in the east and south they’re already calling it an exceptional drought the extreme heat is taking its toll especially on those who have to work some people have already had enough of the summer and the statistically hottest month August has only just begun it’s almost a ritual for farmers to complain about the weather but they really do have something to complain about this summer the fields are completely dry nationwide the wheat has had to be harvested much earlier than usual.

National Farmers Association

The National Farmers Association says it could be the worst harvest on record it says the wheat harvest will likely be down about 20 percent from last year rapeseed 21 percent rye could be down as much as 28 percent the situation is especially grave in the east and north of the country in zhu telugu min slaves Vikash Stein the corn is not growing as it should normally, we would not be able to see farmer Christian mountainous Patterson for the crops the plants should be 2 meters high by now but they have barely reached 1 meter 50 you can see here that the upper levels of the plant are barren the Cubs should be about 15 centimeters long by now attending meetings are not even 5 he says it hasn’t rained significantly since April he needs the corn is winter fodder for his cattle at the moment he’s expecting 30 percent less yield if the weather doesn’t change soon he says he’ll have to do an emergency harvest we need proper rain my shower won’t do it the meadow next to the cornfield has dried up completely there’s nothing there for the cows to graze on instead Petersen has to buy expensive feed in the end it hits my pocket and somehow I have to find money that I don’t have because the prices have been down in recent years this calf is a true victim of the summer it won’t be around for the next one farmer Yan Schmucker has begun slaughtering some of his calves I can’t keep them because I can’t feed them I’ll keep a couple but all the other calves have to go he says he has to do away with 50 animals a tenth of his total livestock and he’s not the only one the animal transporter picking up his livestock here in Brandenburg has five other farms on its itinerary we’ll have to make do with less a sieve is the same for everyone they’re getting rid of bulls because nothing’s wrong yeah I’m out in the fields it still hasn’t rain did anything come out of the meeting the Farmers Association has set up a telephone service for farmers to exchange goods manage thanks yo – there’s not enough on offer to meet his needs another summer like this he says and he’ll have to sell off all of his animals chief is one of Germany’s best-known climate researchers he says the summer isn’t an anomaly it’s due to climate change if we look at the last few years we see that this kind of weather is happening more often we see a rise in a number of very hot days with temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius or more we see an increase in the frequency of tropical nights when the temperatures don’t fall below 20 degrees and we also see that the number of freezing cold days is falling so it’s fair to call it a long term trend the Farmers Association is already talking about an emergency due to the poor harvests it’s calling for a billion euros in state a to compensate the farmers as well as tax breaks to help them put some money aside the government has promised help but doesn’t plan to make a final decision until the end of August

The goals we have three main areas that cause greenhouse gases first energy production second ability or transport and the third main area is agriculture agriculture emits huge quantities of methane which has a major greenhouse effect it contributes to global warming so agriculture is part of the problem often on tech shaft it is problems not all farmers are finding it tough going in the summer of 2018 fruit farmers such as Cod lifers are among the big winners the cherries apples and plums in his orchards near Hamburg have rarely been so sweet and juicy or numerous that’s hang big you have trees really full the branches are breaking under the weight forgotten once make these on there you can taste the Sun the weather’s been great for the plums we’ve had lots of them this year a customer can look forward to finding the plenty of German plums in the stores this year and even though it’s at they’ll also be relatively cheap DM then I’ll recognize buy the goods decent after 2 average years for apples farmers are expecting a bumper crop this year the odd Apple has gotten too much Sun but it’s not a big problem you beat minority if now you can see the first signs of sunburn here on dollars fading and then it gets darker at the center of the light patch and if you cut it open you’ll find that it’s already gone quite saw tonight at NC 21 our son Steve I said if there’s too much sunburn the apples get thrown away in milder cases they get used for juice or applesauce whether bigger harvests will mean more money is not something cord labors can say yet because his fruit has ripened so early it’s hitting the market at the same time as Mediterranean fruit that could lower the prices good for the consumer at least Battenberg in western Germany a centuries-old vineyard it’s almost 40 degrees in the shade except there is no shade this vineyard belongs to Christoph Hamel he has mixed feelings about the summer of 2018 grapes like the Sun but it’s been too dry here you can see that the leaves are still green and the grapes are hanging here nicely protected and also look nice and green everything is good here because it’s an older vine with deeper roots but here we have a younger vine and you can see how it’s suffering because its roots are not it’s not rained here for nearly two months the last time it was so dry was in 2003 nonetheless the vines in this part of the world are further along than in normal years the grape harvest will have to take place earlier than usual Marshall my mother bottom spontex know the earliest I’ve known is August 20th in any case August is the earliest harvesting date this vineyard has ever had in its 300 years of existence when I was a boy October was the harvest month the hull card the heat in the lack of rain have caused the vines to shut you down fruit is ripening very slowly right level CS dog anger shrink moment on that means the seller won’t be bursting at the seams with the 2018 vintage Christophe Hamel is not expecting a great harvest the seller won’t be full that’s the way it is right now we would have liked a bigger crop this year after two four years on the other hand its nature we’re dealing with and we have to live with it initial euphoria at the beginning of this season the summer has been a sobering experience for wine growers still while the vintage may not be plentiful the quality

Weather in Germany

The weather in Germany has changed in the last century or so it traces average annual temperatures since 1900 in recent years daytime averages have been considerably higher than the long-term mean 10 of the 15 hottest years in Germany were in this century and the trend is clearly pointing upward the mission alone shown down give food and we have to get used to the fact that these weather situations will happen more and that means very high temperatures with extreme drought on the other hand we can also expect very heavy rains ultimately resulting in flooding these are not contradictions there are two sides of the same coin and that coin is called global warming batmunk for a taste of what the future may hold we visit at Slavin entering in the driest village in Germany nowhere else in the country has it rained so little this year this little river on the edges of the village almost seems like a mirage the river Llosa was dredged in the spring so the water is deeper than usual now the mayor mica elbow is having the banks secured neighbor lunch made ventilation arrives with drinks he was mayor of Epps Laban for many years he says he’s never witnessed drought like this I’m 74 and I have to say I’ve never seen anything this extreme for example our well as six meters deep and you can barely see any water in it smell to say normally farmer Franck Telamon would be out in the fields at this time of year but nothing is normal about the summer of 2018 instead he’s out watering the trees and plants in the village it’s a battle that could still be won he’s already lost the battle in his fields these temperatures make you want to give up you just can’t get enough water to the fields this is what his fields look like right now the harvest is done that’s normal for this time of year

the drought has done to the fields is anything but normal the cracks in the ground are up to 80 centimetres deep there’s no point in planting fresh seeds in soil like this usually the deeper soil is very absorbent and you can store a lot of water but this year you can see by these enormous cracks that it’s not possible and the Sun in the wind or so extreme that the soil starts drifting apart we need at least 50 to 70 millimetres of rain before we can do anything with this so I admit illegal stuff let me give up and the boudoir I didn’t lock it The Meadows are usually still green at this time of year but now there’s no fresh grass for the cows to graze on telamon has to provide fodder instead it’s like a moonscape for a desert in Australia was he knows in the past it’s Laban used to struggle with flash floods and overflowing rivers this year its drought the claims to fame of Germany’s driest village is not something mayor Myka elbow is inclined to be proud of he’d rather have rain in an end to the heatwave like most people here the natural world suffers badly in extreme weather conditions like this we’re seeing a whole range of changes such as dwindling oxygen and our inland waterways and lakes we see the algae thrive and the fish die we see the water levels in our rivers sinks so badly that shipping has to be suspended I’ve done Tim of I desi these are dramatic conditions and if it keeps going like this even conventional power plants could have trouble cooling in convinced Onancock that and probably may become Diop North Coons occur do I invest in land water in the news there’s been headline after headline of drought record-breaking temperatures and extreme weather conditions Summer 2018 has taken such a hold on Germany that even the infrastructure is at its breaking point in late July operations at Hannover Airport had to be shut down because of damage to the runway caused by extreme heat the surface was up to 60 degrees Celsius dozens of flights were cancelled affecting thousands of passengers there have been so-called blow ups on Germany’s highways where the road expands so much in the heat it pushes upwards thankfully nobody has been badly hurt so far but blow ups remain a random threat to motorists in got Estelle in Bavaria the train tracks have buckled in the heat the line had to be closed and is expected to stay closed for a while you FM a youth radio station in the state of Hessen investigated how cars heat up in the direct Sun and what happens to their occupants so we checked the time

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