The Benefits of Low Body Fat

Low body fat in the human body is often associated with increased health benefits and attractive physical characteristics of both sexes. The human body is composed of various body tissues such as muscles, bones and organs are metabolically active and fats, the fats that are less active. For physicians, the scientific evidence, healthy fat percentage for men is five percent, while that for women is twelve percent. But statistics show that on average, men have fifteen to eighteen percent fat and women have twenty-two to 25 percent.

Low fat does not determine whether a person is overweight or lean. A professional bodybuilder can be overweight in relation to their height, but his body has little fat, on an exceptional and most of the excess weight is lean muscle. Moreover, other professional athletes like marathon runners usually weight and therefore exceptionally small percentage of fat.

In both cases, fat is more or less the same, however, one is overweight and the other is thin, which shows that body fat does not decide to obesity or thinness of a person. Although inherited factors that affect the composition of the fat in an individual, is often a mixture of hereditary factors and lifestyle choices. After sixteen years of age changes the composition of body fat is usually due to changes in the size of fat cells and not due to the amount of fat cells.

The most important benefits of low fat

The most important advantage of the health effects of low body fat percentage is probably the lowest risk of heart disease that can start due to clogged arteries or veins. A number of people can enjoy good health, even after a body fat percentage, but when it comes to the general population, the data show clearly that the majority of people suffering from heart disease have a higher percentage of fat body. The reports show that people with excess fat around their belly are more prone to type 2 diabetes than those with less fat around the waist.

Low in fat also reduces the risk of a variety of cancers such as uterine cancer, gallbladder cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and colon cancer in women. In men, the chances of colon cancer, prostate cancer and rectal cancer are lower. Although this theory has been applied in many cases, still being debated, as the real causes of the cancers that have not been overwhelmingly derived.

Low fat can prevent many health ailments

Low fat is associated with a lower risk of sleep apnea, which can cause difficulty breathing and even lead to heart attacks in some cases. It also reduces the risk of developing osteoarthritis, which is common among older people and affects the joints of the knees, hips and lower back.

If you are suffering from gout, a disease that affects the joints caused by elevated levels of uric acid in the blood, leaving his body fat percentage can help reduce pain and suffering. The appearance of gallbladder disease and gallstones is also unusual among people with low body fat. Taking into account the benefits of low fat, it’s time to get fit with the existing maintenance is planned for a long time.

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