What you need to know about visiting the town of Evian, France

Since the discovery of ‘miraculous’ benefits of the mineral water from the spring Cachat, this city, now called Evian-les-Bains, attracted all sorts of celebrities, from the kings of England until Romanian ‘Princess Anne de Noailles (Brancovan), or Marcel Proust.

We couldn’t omit, in our little tour of Europe, this village located near Geneva, in the south of Lake Leman. Unfortunately, we got late in the evening, and the cold weather of early March didn’t help us too much.

Surprisingly, the accomodation is not expensive in Evian, although you can find it cheaper in the neighborhood. Instead, bistros and restaurants display menus that make a normal meal for 2 people to jump from 70-80 euros even a simple Resto. You are here in the homeland of mineral water, indeed, but their celebrity costs.

Useful information

You can find parking places near the promenade, next to the lake shore – 2E/ 30 minutes. Otherwise it is impossible to find a parking place without payment or card. You can stay at one of the famous nineteenth-century hotels, many of them accessible, or cheaper in neighboring towns (we stayed in Champanges, near Leman lake). From here you can visit Thonon les Bains, Geneva, and the beautiful mountain resorts in the French Alps (Chamonix is only one of them.)

Here are some of our pictures. You can use them as wallpapers if you like!

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