Where in Europe can you go in February – Italian carnivals

Venice, Italy, is the city of that every tourist dreams at least once in life.
So when is better to visit it for feel really good? Guessed it! Yes, when during the famous Carnival!

The Carnival was started in the XIIIth century when the wealthy arrived in town on business and like to entertainment without complications. So to avoid justification or no unpleasant situations, they goes parties wearing masks for not being recognized.

Subsequently, all Venetian people were filled with this spirit of festivity and began to wear masks and costumes which they manufacture themselves. So this is how was born the famous Carnival of Venice.

Today the event is preserved as a tourist attraction, acquiring a medieval and mysterious air that tourists from all around the world want to breathe and to walk its alleys, being fascinated by the idea of ​​disguising in medieval costumes.
Venice Carnival festivities take place in February this year (2012), between 11 – 21 February .
Opening and closing ceremonies of the Carnival is free.
A week of vacation in Venice is around 280 euro/ person.

Another Carnival much older than first we find it in Sicily – the Carnival of Acireale Catania, an ancient celebrations of the old Romans for Saturn god. In that time the people listening music, draw their faces with strong colors, and, accompanied by music and a lot drinks, the people danced and prayed for welfare, invoked the power of gods for a bountiful harvest future.
In the while the festival has turned into a real show of colors, lights, decorations, confetti and street dances. This year (2012) it runs from February 18 to 23. For carnival period in Catania the flight and accommodation costs up around 183 euro/ person. A circuit, if you want, can double the amount.

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